Our Mission is to provide the most competent and reliable home care possible to our patients.

Affinity Care of NJ utilizes all available resources to provide the highest level of care possible to our patients in the optimal healing environment, the home. Our goal is to make a patients experience at home as comfortable as possible through patient‐centered care. Affinity’s team of licensed clinicians works with a patient and their physician to develop a plan of care that meets a patient’s specific needs.

Affinity Care takes great pride in its capacity to meet the health care needs of patients in a worry-free home environment.Affinity can set itself apart from its competition by its winning culture that focuses on continuous improvement and quality care

At Affinity, our core values include quality, compassionate care and continuous quality improvement. We take this very seriously and keep these core values in mind with every major decision we make. Affinity conducts quarterly meetings with our aid staff to discuss issues that arise when the aids are with patients in order for them to learn from each others’ successes as well as failures.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are highly qualified and are credentialed by the New Jersey State Board of Nursing. They have been carefully screened and are insured and bonded to protect our patients. Most importantly, our caregivers are dependable: they show up on time and are ready to work according to the Plan of Care.